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About HMCS Drumheller. She took part in the D-Day invasion.
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Pacific Paratrooper

John Edmunds, RCN John Edmunds, RCN

John Edmunds

The Canadian Seaman

On D-Day, John Edmunds, from Burlington, Ontario, 19 years old, was in the Royal Canadian Navy assigned as a helmsman on an escort ship leading cargo vessels to Normandy.  Aboard the HMCS Drumheller, he was headed for Juno Beach.

Seaman Edmunds stood at the helm of his ship as his captain barked down orders from the bridge, “Port, two degrees!”  John sailed the Flower-class corvette vessel in circles around a convoy of 15 cargo ships for the length of their three-hour voyage across the English Channel.  And then – he looked toward the approaching shore.  The reality of what laid ahead of the Allies came into view, “We looked out across the English Channel and whole horizon was ships, thousands of ships.”

HMCS Drumheller HMCS Drumheller

Men lined the deck with binoculars, searching the seas for German submarines.  Edmunds had already seen the U-boats…

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In the navy…

A little help from my very knowledgeable friends…

Lest We Forget

I am not an expert.

I will need a little help from my friend readers. I believe these pictures were taken in the 1920s or 1930s.

Alfred Frenette (marine) 1

Alfred Frenette collection

Alfred Frenette (marine) 2

Alfred Frenette collection


Alfred Frenette

His daughter is looking for the ship’s name.

Feel free to contact me. I know I could ask for his service records from Archives Canada, but this could take six months.

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It irks John…

John should know what he is talking about…

Lest We Forget

John Hawley is a loyal reader of this blog.

John is privy to the most confidential information about HMCS Regina, a ship I knew nothing about until he wrote me a comment in November 2011.

This led to the creation of yet another blog of mine appropriately named

Remembering HMCS Regina K- 234


John just wrote this comment showing how well he knows about HMCS Regina.

While reading recent articles relating to Canada’s involvement I could not help but notice that some sites contained lists that included ‘all’ the RCN ships that participated in this most important Operation. However, some like ‘’ only included the larger RCN vessels such as the destroyers and bigger ships like the RCN ‘Prince’ troop transports.

When I advised the powers to be at nauticapedia that I had undeniable facts that HMCS Regina K234, HMCS Summerside and HMCS Woodstock K141 were assigned to directly support…

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