I Was One of the Three Divers…

Comment of a reader…

I was one of the three divers who located and first (??)  dived this wreck, and second down the shot line.

All 3 of us were respectful of the resting place of the brave men who perished, and deeply moved by the experience and the dive.

My first recognisable site was of the forward gun, with shell casings close at hand, reminding me of the life and death struggle that was taking place back then, although I was also shocked by the small size of the ship and how little protection it afforded the crew.

From behind the superstructure the wreck just ceased! On the seabed was a trail of large white waxy columns, festooned with anemone and “dead men’s finger” corals! These were what was left of the depth charges that Thomas Malone disabled and so saved the lives of many others.

It was an incredible opportunity to have potentially have been the first to dive the wreck, or at least to rediscover it (depending on your point of view). words are insufficient to express my gratitude for the sacrifices made by the young men that served on this ship.

A recent return dive on the Ezra Western  prompted me to remember and search for more online! I am so pleased that there is this to help us remember!

J Grey Somerset, UK

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