A poem to pay homage to a sailor who died on April 29, 1944.

Lest We Forget

William McGregor,
Loretta Rose McGregor,
and Mary Jane Grace (McGregor) (Stefanek) Hastings

On this, yet,
Another Remembrance Day,
We are asked to pause
And remember
Men, women
To the war.
To defend
Peace of all people.
Women, Men,
Called to war
Prisoners of war
Came home.
Some did not.
I look
Silver cross
To me
By a mother
Who lost her son
To a torpedo.
A torpedo of
That hit the ship,
The H.M.C.S. Athabaskan
April 29, 1944.
The H.M.C.S. Athabaskan.
The ship
My grandmother’s son
Was on.
Her son, my dad
The “Athab”
The ship my dad
Was on
Destroyed by a torpedo.
My wonderful Dad
Stolen from
His very young
Stolen from
His Mother
His Dad
His wife
His sister
His brother
Never to…

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Glad to Be Alive

No caption needed…

Kristy sent this message with it.

Hi Pierre,

These are the actual photos we have. I’ll include the official numbers.

The first is the original photo that was used in the news clipping.

I’m glad we have the clipping so I know the other sailors names. This is an official Royal Candian Navy Photograph negative No S2063-3. It has Dinsmore handwritten on the back. Perhaps where it was taken? My Grandfather Robert Barr in the Sailor on the far right.


The second attachement is probably my favorite of the bunch. It shows the survivors fairly freshly rescued (still sporting some injuries) wearing U.S. Military uniforms since their clothes were destroyed. I managed to match a few of them to the news clipping that lists the names but it’s hard to be certain. My Grandfather Robert Barr is third from right. He had a leg injury and it looks as though he’s being supported by his fellow sailors. They all look so happy to be alive to me.


The last photo is a cropping that my Great Uncle Archie Barr did for us. It’s just my Grandfather RCMVR Ordinary Seaman Robert Barr.

We were told that he was a gunner aboard the ship. Being stationed on deck likely contributed to his survival of the sinking. My Mother’s side of the family were all Navy Men. Her Mother’s Brother Albert Pryor served aboard The Spikenard unfortunately he did not survive it’s sinking and never came home from the War.


We greatly appreciate you posting these photos for us. We’re very proud of my Grandfather and saddened by the circumstances surrounding his death. If you would like any more information about Robert Barr please feel free to ask. I hope everyone enjoys seeing some new photos related to The Regina.




Kristy and Her Mother Remember

This is the first e-mail Kristy sent with her files.

Hi Pierre,

As these are very large files I will likely have to send you multiple files. I included a few other documents that were with the the clippings. I hope people enjoy seeing them.


The first photo my Great Uncle gave to us entitled HMCS Regina June 15, 1942. It says on the back “Regina Heading Home.” From where we’re not sure.


The second photo is a copy so not the best resolution. It is from La Presse Montreal July 3, 1943. It is a rendering of The Regina sinking an Italian Sub in the Mediterranean.


The third attachment is a Map from the Ottawa Public Library. It shows Canadian Ships lost during WWII. The Regina is highlighted.

Next time an amazing picture.