Who Remembers HMCS Regina?

Kristy, Robert Barr’s granddaughter, and Donna, his niece.

Kristy has scanned all she had about her grandfather Robert Barr.

This picture.

This newspaper article.

The caption…

Kristy did not share only pictures, but stories about her grandfather who survived the sinking.

Who are the four sailors?

Able Seaman Robert Smith

Able Seaman Victor Erhardt

Able Seaman Robert Hogg.

All from Winnipeg.

Ordinary Seaman Robert Barr from St. Adolphe.


Robert Barr

This is how this story started. Kristy was replying to a comment left by a reader.

Hi Donna,

Robert Barr is my Grandfather. My Mother, (his youngest daughter) and I have quite a bit of info on his serving on the Regina including photos and newspaper clippings. I’d love to make contact with you so I can share these things. My Mother also has the medals he was awarded after his service. I didn’t know the story of his experience when the Regina sunk and am elated to have had some blanks filled in.
I could not agree more with you on the tragic circumstances of his death. We have the articles surrounding that sad occurence as well. Unfortunately he was not he only one to perish in the crash. My Grandmother’s best friend and two of her childern were also killed that day.

I hope that we can make contact.

Kristy scanned all she had about her grandfather.

This is part of this picture.

It was used in this newspaper article.

The sailors’ names are legible…

Next time we will pay homage to all four.