Families of War

Families of War

My family and I being here is a miracle!
My Grandfather could have died in World War Two.
Tell me what you’re fighting for; tell me what you’re fighting for?

An able seaman locked depth charges to safe,
saving 66 men on August 8th, 1944.
Tell me what you’re fighting for; tell me what you’re fighting for?
Less or more?

Close to death, all our lives are hung by threads.
I thank the heavens when I make my bed.
I know I have to love my life and live it cause so many others are dead,
and generations have been denied with bodies lost on shore and at sea,
so damn real, it feels make believe.

What I have now others can’t retrieve…
I feel so blessed to be me and have the air I breathe and my family.

Five bodies only found, the rest in the Irish Sea from the HMCS Regina
lost at war.
280 feet below the Irish Sea, rest 25 of the 30 men who gave their lives,
left brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children and wives…
Tell me what you’re fighting for; tell me what you’re fighting for?

I am a descendant of one of the 66 men who survived
who all owe their lives to the valour of the fallen.
The sea is in my blood, the blood is in the sea.
So many died, so we could live free.

So, to be here, and be me, with my family,
is a blessing indeed, lest we forget our history
and those lost at war who gave their lives and so much more.
Tell me what you’re fighting for; tell me what you’re fighting for?

Steve Hawley


3 thoughts on “Families of War”

  1. Hello Steve,

    my name is David Francis McCarron. My uncle was Francis (Frank) McCarron and he was an able seamen on the Regina. My father John McCarron passed away a few years ago and had tried for many years to find as much history about his brother and the crew mates that he was with on that fatal day, with little successes. I have a picture of my uncle with a telegram from the government about his ” missing in action ” as well as a news paper clipping of the ship’s sinking after the the fact. I have tried to find as much information as possible about my uncle and the friends that knew him for many years with little success and when I stumbled on your blog I was quit pleased that others are also searching for answers.

    If there was any additional information you can send me or redirect me to any additional sites, it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for the insight that you have given me.

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